Corporate venues and events

More than a space, Quinta do Gradil offers a concept in harmony with rurality and refinement. Looking to surprise at the next event? Gather colleagues? Reinforce the group spirit? Or create an unforgettable experience, at Quinta do Gradil we have several options of spaces and activities at Quinta and the surrounding area.

Here some ativities to inspire you:


The West is rich in cereals, some of which are now being reborn at the hands of the region's Moline ancestors. We invite you to know the cereals and the process. Even making your own. And in the end we gathered some delicacies.


A guided wine tasting is much more than that, it is a journey through the aromas and palates. We invite you to be part of this trip and learn a little more about the processes, grape varieties, regions and the minimum you need to know to surprise your friends.


A lot of mom´s would love for her son to know how to fried an egg. In this "adventure" we invite participants to more than fri, know how to scrumble an egg, the secrets to creamy, some scrambled egg mix with amazing ingredients and much more.

And if you created a child, what were the main characteristics: shy, creative, eloquent, sympathetic. A challenge that puts your wisdom (or none) to the test of making a perfect blend. Simply because it's yours.

Editors note: We didn't want to call courses or workshops, so as not to make it too serious or massive. In any case, all participants will be entitled to a diploma attesting to the knowledge and skills learned.

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