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Quinta do Gradil Aguardente XO - Extra Old

Quinta do Gradil Aguardente XO

The prolonged stage in tunnels gave it a golden amber color. Subtle notes of dried fruits and spices, harmonized with the perfection that only time can achieve, combined with an elegant and complex velvety texture.
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Technical characteristics
After careful distillation, this brandy aged, forgotten and quiet, for more than 40 years in Portuguese and French oak barrels.
Viticulture With a charming golden color, this wine surprises with its greedy aromas, where we easily get involved in the notes of dried fruits, dates and raisins, harmonized by honeyed suggestions. In the mouth we allow ourselves to be surrendered by its unctuousness, elegance and sweetness, all in perfect balance with the freshness, always present, given by our unique terroir.
Alcohol Content 38%
Oenology António Ventura
Some of the best wines from Quinta do Gradil are from the 2016 and 2018 harvests. Our renowned XO Brandy and the delicious Late Harvest are also part of the Classics for toasting to special moments.
Quinta do Gradil Palace and Vineyards

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