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Escolha do Mercado - Concurso Brancos de Portugal 2021 0

London Wine Competition



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White Wine Casa das Gaeiras Maria Gomes

Casa das Gaeiras Maria Gomes


100% Maria Gomes. Fernão Pires, the most classic white grape in Portugal, is known in the north of the Lisbon region as Maria Gomes. It is a variety of strong character, with intense aromas and flavors, but which in the Atlantic terroir of Casa das Gaeiras, in Óbidos, assumes an unusual freshness, liveliness and elegance.
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Technical characteristics
Fermented in stainless steel vats.
Viticulture The Geographical Indication of Lisbon is one of the most important Portuguese regions, in terms of vineyard area and wine production. Formed by gentle hills, with little accentuated relief, IG Lisboa extends from the capital of Portugal to the north to Pombal, always beside the coast, in a strip that does not exceed 40km in width. A multifaceted region, it encompasses several denominations of origin, ancient and modern, with distinct characteristics. The climate is temperate, of Atlantic influence, with a relatively mild summer, cooler and more humid in the areas closest to the sea, hotter and drier in the areas protected by the Serra de Montejunto.
Alcohol Content 13,5%

100% Maria Gomes

Oenology Tiago Correia
Escolha do Mercado - Concurso Brancos de Portugal 2021 0
Escolha do Mercado - Concurso Brancos de Portugal 2021
Casa das Gaeiras is deemed a small chateau in the Óbidos region, where niche wines are produced, with limited production that reflect tradition and typical nature of white wines from this region. The excellent terroir allows our winemaker to produce high quality wines, recognised nationally and internationally for their great freshness and mineral notes.
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