Events and venues

The Venues
We have several areas always with the surrounding vineyard and each nook will be part of its history.

Distillery Room

Today we distill other aromas and palates, in this space that is also our restaurant with capacity for up to 24 people, for more intimate events.

Room of the Marqueses
The walls hold unmistakable stories, we renovated the ceiling and now will be space for other stories and conviviality. Capacity up to 250 people seated in a total area of ??300 m2.

Páteo Maria do Carmo
Dona Maria do Carmo was looking for inspiration in her garden where she looked at Montejunto, the Azenha valley that stretched to the aqueduct, in this courtyard you can enjoy the vineyard landscape and celebrate your event with all security and intimacy.

Square das Conversas
It is the meeting point of Quinta do Gradil and the privileged place to observe the vineyard and mountain landscape. Ideal for holding outdoor events. Capacity of 1000 people in a total area of ??1000 m2.

Santa Rita Chapel
Quinta do Gradil's spiritual space and devotion to impossible causes, was once the refuge of the same queen who today gives us the crest of honey with the same name (and the Owls that guarded the vineyards). Capacity up to 30 people seated, religious or civil service subject to availability and prior consultation.

Other small venues: atrium of the chapel, square of Santa Rita