Chef's Menu

In 2009, the kitchen became much more than a space. The cook's role earns its own merit and unparalleled recognition. The cook, ceases to be a character behind the stove and becomes a reference.

In the same year, Daniel Sequeira completes the cooking course at the School of Hotel and Tourism of Santarém, the passion for "pots" begins at an early age and since then is characterized by his dedication, humility and professionalism.

He came to Quinta do Gradil with the desire to grow and surprise with the genuine bad traditional products.

His endowments are inspired by the traditional flavors and know-how, harmonized with every wine.

Let yourself be surprised by the chef and irreverent harmonies with this tasting menu with five moments and five wines by the glass, culminating in a chef's surprise and a chalice of Quinta do Gradil Aguardente XO.

VALUE:  70 euros

If you are allergic or have any food intolerance, when making your request please inform us, so we can serve you best.