Once distillery, the distillery stills "alambiques" today are only decorative. But it is in this space that we continue to "extract" the virtues of each product, to give rise to a different set of aromas and harmonized with our wines.

The menus we suggest are the best ways to know the ingredients of the season, harmonized with the best wines of Quinta do Gradil.



A selection prepared by our chef in a 3 course meal: entrance, main course, dessert paired with 3 wines Quinta do Gradil

With wine harmonizarion that includes our late harvest:

45,00 €

Without harmonization:

35,00 €



A selection prepared by our chef in a 5 course meal: amouse bousche, entrance , Plate Fish, Meat Plate, Dessert paired with 5 more wines from Quinta do Gradil and our XO grape brandy.

With harmonization, that includes XO

75 euros

Without harmonizartion:

60,00 €



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Available from Wednesday to Friday at lunch time and Friday and Saturday at lunch and dinner, on Sundays at lunch for a maximum of 12 persons.

In case of any food alergie please let us know in the moment of the reservation.

All prices are per person, and include VAT.

Approximate duration of 2h00m.