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In the foothills of the Montejunto Mountains, in the place of Vilar - Cadaval, at one hour distance from Llisboa, you found Quinta do Gradil. A centenary property of the Lisbon Wine Region whose established in 1854.

When arriving at the yellow palace, it is in the square of “conversas”, that we find the Quinta do Gradil Restaurant. A gastronomic corner that was once a distillery. The “destilation pots” are still exposed, but today the fragrances are different. It is the wine that marks and inspires the harmonization of the Chef, which combined the locally sourced products, results in a colorful and differentiating plates.

The framing of this restaurant in the bucolic landscape that surrounds it, invites you to forget the time and taste the flavors, smells, tranquility and rurality. A perfect blend and a unique five-way wrapping experience.

Two young cooks who, from an early age, embraced the passion for gastronomy.

Their specials are the traditional Portuguese cuisine but in each plate theres a little bit of their individuality. Daniel Sequeira and Sofia Costa embraced this project in 2015 and it was at Quinta do Gradil that they found the time and space to develop their creativity.

Having as preference and reference the products of local farmers, they combine them with Mediterranean influences, thus giving them traces of a singular modernity respecting the essence and flavor.




Booking: +351 914 909 216



Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at lunch. Friday and Saturday at dinner . We can open to groups dinners  of more than 12 people upon reservation and early booking.