Gestures that leave a mark

The employees of Quinta do Gradil, a company that produces wines from the Lisbon Wine-Growing Region, took charge of works for refurbishing ATLA, Associação de Tempos Livres de Alfama (Free Time Association of Alfama). The initiative, as part of the company’s Social Responsibility policy, got together 45 employee who volunteered toparticipate in the project, which will further strengthen the Institution’s commitment to the creation of an environment that is more like a family environment, fulfilling the requirements defined by Social Security.

With this support, Quinta do Gradil contributed to improving the day-to-day life of 45 underprivileged children and youth, who daily attend this social welfare organisation. For this, the participation of the employees centred on trying to understand how the children and youth could have a safer and more didactic home for their free time, one that was more comfortable and closer to a home environment.

For Luís Vieira, Chairman of Quinta do Gradil, “More than a social responsibility or team building activity, what moved us was the challenge to contribute, each of us, with our work towards improving the day-to-day life of the children who use this space.”

“ATLA is a cause that receives the entire team’s dedication, involvement and care.  The contribution and presence of the Quinta do Gradil team at our ATLA, aside from encouraging others to care for our space, enabled the realisation of many of our dreams. Children, like flowers, require air and light to grow”, said Ana Cardoso, Chairperson of ATLA.

With this support, Quinta do Gradil, with its Castelo do Sulco brand, whose positioning is based on the “Lisboa em Garrafa” (Lisbon in a Bottle) concept, as part of its Social Responsibility policy, chooses to commit itself to participate not only in the development of the community where it is located, but also in the heart of the city of the Wine-Growing Region to which it belongs – Lisbon.

Castelo do Sulco, by Quinta do Gradil is proof of its commitment to the wines of Lisbon. The new entry range of Quinta do Gradil is a more accessible brand, a range for young people, fans of this historical city, tourists, lovers of good food, of Lisbon nights, of time spent with friends. It is a bit of Lisbon inside a bottle. It is “Lisboa em garrafa” (Lisbon in a bottle).