Quinta do Gradil Oil

Colour: Oil Technical Sheet: Quinta do Gradil Oil


Olive Oil is considered one of the healthier fats and being part of the Mediterranen diet, is increasingly sought by many cultures besides the Portuguese.
Aiming to have this product beyond borders, we have created the olive oil Quinta do Gradil. With even a small area of olive trees on our property but with a long tradition in production, together with the recognition of the work of our olive oil maker, there is this Extra Virgin olive oil with an acidity of less than 0.4% with an outstanding taste.


The oil is produced from selected olives from the varieties Galega and Cobraçosa, with cold extraction and without filtration. It’s very fruity with an intense taste, ideal for salads and cooking.


Premium quality olive oil obtained directly from the olives, and solely by mechanical proce-dures.


This is a natural product, unfiltered, and can over time lead deposits.